Sprint or marathon? What speaks to you more?

Everyone who knows me, now wonders why I take sports again as a metaphor. ;-)

But it just works so well.

Creating a website is like a sprint. You collect all the equipment you need and you quickly have a pretty, new website. You are excited, looking at the outcome and you can lay back.

And then?

The website just exists. Somewhere in the big world wide web. The news and events you put on, soon get out of date, the chamber music projects have ended, you have a new position now..

My experience is that most website that have been created are up to date for a few months – at best. After that they become outdated.

Keeping a website up to date, doing it yourself or have premiertone do it, that’s the marathon. A run for which you have to keep yourself motivated. It takes time and commitment, you have to stay invested. And this might get lost in your daily routine. But I am telling you: it is worth it!

Every day an organizer, an agent, a music aficionado can stumble upon your website looking to find information on you. And if there is nothing current, well then the interest fades and the visitor will be gone.

It is up to you. It is like practicing: continuous work to get better. If you do it regularly - thinking about what to update and how - the easier it gets.
Look at it like this: it is part of your profession. It is so easy nowadays to spread the word (also on social media) – this is the benefit of the 21st century. You don’t have to print something, use a fax machine...

So what are you waiting for: go!